03/05/2014 03:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

8 Easy Ways To Try Color In Your Home Without Freaking Out (PHOTOS)

If there's one decorating idea that tends to inspire an unusually big debate, it's color. What's a gorgeous sun-kissed green to one person is a nauseatingly loud lime to another. Often, these people end up living together. So, many will live with the same "apartment white," secretly wishing they could just paint everything...if they could just settle on a color. We caught up with the fabulous Michelle Adams, editor-in-chief of Domino magazine, and the equally fabulous Anne Ziegler, trend forecaster and cover girl, for their tricks on how to overcome color phobia.

Photos 1-3, 5-8: Brittany Ambridge. Photo 4: Michael Wiltbank

New Ways To Add Color Into Your Home

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