03/05/2014 10:12 am ET Updated Mar 05, 2014

Jon Stewart Blasts Fox's Obsession With Food Stamps

Fox News seems to be obsessed with lower income individuals' access to seafood -- and using food stamps to get it.

Herman Cain was the latest conservative talking head to make up lies about what food stamps can and cannot be used for, and on last night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart took him to task for his misinformation that those on food stamps can use the vouchers for fitness programs.

"Far be it for me to criticize former Republican presidential frontrunner Herman Cain," Stewart said. "But food stamps cannot be used for fitness."

He explained that such vouchers exist on Medicare Advantage, as fitness programs are "cheaper than heart transplants or diabetes medication."

Essentially, Stewart said, Fox commentators do not think poor people should not eat and stay healthy unless they have earned it "They don't mind poor people eating seafood, as long as the poor people catch the seafood themselves," he said.

Check out the clip above.