03/05/2014 09:51 am ET Updated Mar 05, 2014

Assemblyman Leers At Young Dominican Women In Sexist Video Posted To YouTube

A Bronx Assemblyman is under fire after posting and deleting a sexist video on YouTube.

The video, which was first made public by NY1's Gerson Borrero, shows José Rivera (D-Bronx) creepily hollering at women during a 2005 trip to the Dominican Republic. Former Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell (D-Harlem) also appears in the video.

“What is your address? What are your body measures?" Rivera is heard asking a woman in Spanish, as the camera moves down her body.

In another shot, the now 78-year-old engages in a conversation with a local street vendor selling an alcoholic beverage they call "mamajuana."

Vendor: It’s a beverage made from different roots...
Rivera: ...from different roots which leave me feeling...
Vendor: Hard!
Rivera: Strong enough to get laid with all those young ones (points).
Vendor: (Looks, laughs) A child! A little girl!

Politicker reports the lewd video was found on Sunday by Borrero, who took to Twitter to air the footage with a YouTube link. The tweet was later picked up by Politicker reporters Tuesday.

Andrés Duque, an LGBT advocate and blogger, saved the video before it was deleted.

“I was pretty disgusted by the whole thing,” Duque told The Daily News. "Rivera has been good on the issues that matter to me, but when I saw that, I thought you don’t get a pass on some issues and behaving that way once you go to the Dominican Republic.”

Since the video's emergence, Rivera told The Daily News he did not mean for any offense.

“It could be interpreted as I acted inappropriately,” he said. "I shared it with my friends, the leaders of the Dominican community. They never said it was out of line.”

Powell also came to his defense, telling the New York Post that the video was for educational purposes because "a lot of young men don't know how to flirt."



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