03/05/2014 11:49 am ET

Man Comes Home From Work, Finds NYC Apartment Cleared Out By Mistake (VIDEO)

Imagine coming home from a day at work to find all of your belongings gone. It happened to 27-year-old Nilay Shroff.

"Right here, I had a dresser before, in here was completely empty, my air conditioner was still in there, my microwave, all of my pots and pans, every single cabinet was just cleared out," Shroff told ABC about returning one day in October to his New York City apartment on East 74th Street."I literally had the clothes that I was wearing on my back and nothing else."

Also missing were his bed, his passport, his government security clearance, Social Security documents, his credit cards, his checkbook, a Mariano Rivera bobblehead, and more personally, a photograph of his mother, who died when Shroff was thirteen. All that was left were his TV and Play Station 3 game.

Dumbfounded, Shroff called 9-1-1.

"When the police came, they said they’d never seen anything like this,” he told The New York Post, “because they said my TV and the PS3 would have been the first thing gone. And a New York City robbery would not involve your bed being taken.”

It wasn't until the next day that Shroff discovered the true culprit: his building's management. Shroff's landlord said there had been a "mistake," according to a lawsuit Shroff has filed against the management. A trash removal service had been hired to clean out the apartment in 2B, but accidentally took all everything out of apartment 2D -- Shroff's apartment.

And it was too late. All of Shroff's belongings were already at the city dump.

Shroff has been busy over the past few months refurnishing his apartment. However, he still hasn't been compensated by management, the landlord, and the contractor for the mistake.

Shroff, who is a computer consultant, has filed a lawsuit for $40,000 in damages, according to ABC.