03/05/2014 07:00 am ET

10 Facts That'll Make You Want Pizza Even More (VIDEO)

If you like pizza as much as we do, you want to learn everything you can about the incredible combination of dough, tomatoes and cheese. We recently found out, for example, that pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping, a pizza vending machine exists, and Americans eat a lot of pizza (okay we knew that one, but still).

In two minutes and 38 seconds, this Alltime10s video delivers another awesome collection of pizza facts. Did you know that the first online purchase of pizza was from Pizza Hut in 1994? Or did you know that 350 slices of pizza are eaten EVERY SECOND, according to the National Association of Pizza Operators?

As one amazing pizza fact rolls out after the next in this video, a famous Neapolitan song plays in the background. It will make you want to frolic off to Italy as soon as the video ends. Pizza, you've captivated us so many times, and now you've gone and done it again.

Enjoy this video at your own risk. Warning: You will need to eat pizza immediately after watching.

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