03/05/2014 10:18 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'Tough Love,' Queer Web Series, Premieres Third Episode

Last week we brought you the first two episodes in a hilarious new web series that follows two young queer individuals struggling to make it in New York City.

Called "Tough Love," the series has been compared to the smash hit "Broad City," with The Daily Dot claiming that "the two main characters' friendship seems genuine, and the awkward moments feel relatable." The latest installment in "Tough Love" was launched this week and explores one character's sexual lesbian fantasies and the other's quest for enlightenment.

"This episode was really exciting and scary for us to make, especially for my co-star Blaire," creator Steven Bell told The Huffington Post. "She didn't really come to terms with her sexuality until last year and letting me write an episode about it was a big step for her. I think this season in general is a big step for us both as actors and as people. We're no longer afraid to share with the world the more vulnerable sides of ourselves."

Check out the episode above. Missed the first two installments in "Tough Love"? Head here to check them out.



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