03/07/2014 12:11 pm ET Updated Mar 07, 2014

Rick Santorum Mega Donor Wants Him To Run Again

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. -- Foster Friess, the wealthy conservative businessman who became a political fixture after funding former Sen. Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign in 2012, says he wants the Pennsylvania Republican to run again.

“Anything he does, I’m for,” Friess said, while roaming the halls of the Conservative Political Action Conference. “He is the most wonderful human being on the face of the earth.”

Friess donated $2.1 million to the Red White & Blue Fund, a super PAC that helped keep Santorum afloat as he challenged, and nearly defeated, the much better-funded Mitt Romney in the Republican primary. But when asked if he'd make a similarly large contribution in 2016, Friess hinted strongly that he’s wouldn’t. “I’m not a political animal,” he said. The publicity that came with being a so-called mega donor clearly bothered him.

“When I was found out to be a Santorum backer, I had 60 interviews,” he said. “Ted Koppel sent a crew from New York. Ted Turner sent a crew from Atlanta. I thought they were trying to figure out what I like about this Santorum. You know what the whole message was? How could this wealthy guy steal democracy from the little guy, with all this money? That was the whole gist of the message.”

That’s part of the story. But Friess brought some of the attention on himself when he infamously remarked during an interview that back in his day, women "used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly.”

“That aspirin comment only sparked interested because I was a Santorum supporter,” he insisted on Friday. “I think it was an attempt to try and tie that into I’m against contraceptives. Contraceptives have been very, very good to me. I have four kids, two years apart.”

Even if he wouldn’t personally be setting up a super PAC to support his favored candidate, Friess said he expects more money to be spent in the 2016 presidential race than the 2012 one. He would prefer if there were no super PACs at all, he added, arguing that it would be cleaner if donors like him could give unlimited amounts of money straight to a candidate, provided they disclosed their names.

“If I had my way, you could give as much money to candidates as you wanted without all these superficial, phony, around the back door deals," he said. "But you have to be reported and disclosed. It is a shame."



03/08/2014 8:15 PM EST

More On Palin's Biting CPAC Speech

From HuffPost's Elise Foley:

Sarah Palin delivered a biting, folksy speech to close out the Conservative Political Action Conference Saturday, going after GOP consultants, the NSA, Obamacare, liberals and the media.

Many of her digs in the 30-minute speech were targeted squarely at President Barack Obama, whom she criticized for his leadership and mocked for his "hope and change" 2008 campaign messages.

"That 'hope and change,' it went from a catchy campaign slogan to a reality, and along the way, 'hope and change,' 'yes we can,' it became 'no, you can't,'" she said. "No, you can't log onto the website. No, you can't keep your health care."

Read more here.

03/08/2014 7:12 PM EST

This Is What Happens When You Bring An Intern To CPAC

While the politicians gave their speeches, the real action at CPAC was happening on the convention floor below. HuffPost Live brought along their intern Max to investigate.

Watch the clip here.

03/08/2014 6:45 PM EST

Palin Closes With 'The Best Is Yet To Come'

"Stand up and stiffen your spine," she added, drawing loud applause from the crowd to close out the three-day conference.

03/08/2014 6:42 PM EST

Palin: 'The Age Of Obama Is Almost Over'

She added that it is "the end of an error," calling the president the "lamest of lame ducks."

03/08/2014 6:40 PM EST

Palin: Only Mama Grizzlies Can Say 'Hear Me Roar'

Palin lets the women of America know that conservatives' values are "family, faith and freedom," adding that females are "happy to lead the charge" for the movement.

"We're the party with the plank that protects even our littlest sisters in the womb," Palin said making a subtle reference to conservative beliefs on abortion.

03/08/2014 6:37 PM EST

Palin Talking Duck Dynasty, Says Conservatives Won The Fight

She credits Phil Robertson for battling back on his remarks that being gay is a sin, adding that "his fight was our fight and we pushed back and we won."

03/08/2014 6:33 PM EST

Palin Hits Democrats, Harry Reid

Palin charges that the Democratic Party's agenda is "failure and fiasco on steroids." She also went after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), saying he would either end up being Senate Minority Leader, or a blackjack dealer, where "everything stays in Vegas."

03/08/2014 6:30 PM EST

Palin: 'The Only Thing That Stands In The Way Of A Bad Guy With A Nuke, Is A Good Guy With A Nuke'

"Hat tip, NRA!," she exclaimed for a punctuation mark.

03/08/2014 6:26 PM EST

Palin Serenaded To 'Run Sarah!' Chants

And she responds by saying she didn't get a chance to run this morning. The crowd seemed to be prodding her to run for president.

03/08/2014 6:22 PM EST

Palin Unveils Her Own Dr. Seuss Riff