03/08/2014 03:56 pm ET

Ukrainian Zoo Animals Faced Starvation Due To Lack Of Funds

People came together this week to help a Ukrainian zoo after the wildlife park announced that its animals could potentially be in danger of starvation.

The director of the Kharkiv Zoo reportedly warned that the zoo only had enough food to last through the weekend due to a lack of funding.

"Our animals are not fighting for power, they do not share anyone's political views, they just want to live," the zoo said in a statement on its website Friday, according to the Agence France-Presse.

The wildlife park asked Ukranian residents to help. According to a Facebook page created shortly after the zoo's plea, many heeded the call to action:

An update on the Facebook group posted Saturday said the animals are OK for now. "We just got back from the zoo- literally the entire city had brought bags and bags of food to donate: cabbage, bread, carrots, beets, greens, you name it! The zoo staff was using tractors to haul the food around. We spoke to the zoo director and she said they'd also received some cash donations," the page announced.

To read the latest updates about the situation in Ukraine, head over to The World Post.



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