03/10/2014 03:25 pm ET Updated Mar 10, 2014

Need To Overcome Writer's Block? There's An App For That

Oftentimes, being constantly distracted by emails, tweets, updates and alerts can take a toll on our creative thinking. But as distracting as technology can be, there are also times when it can help us to think more out of the box.

In a HuffPost Live segment last week, Sara Cordoba Rubino, strategic designer for Amsterdam-based design agency Booreiland and the creator of 75 Tools for Creative Thinking, told host Jordan Freeman that apps can be powerful tools for stimulating creative thinking. 75 Tools, for instance, allows its users to explore many aspects of the creative thinking process.

"There are two tools to help you to define the boundaries, to define the scope, define the space where your problem or idea lies," said Cordoba Rubino. "Making these associations can help you understand how a situation is built."

To learn more about the app, watch the full clip above.