03/11/2014 03:08 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2014

Seth Meyers Tells Andy Samberg The 'Highlight' Of His Time On 'SNL'


As his third week hosting 'Late Night' kicked off, Seth Meyers seemed completely at ease interviewing his guest and good friend, Andy Samberg. The two chatted about everything from attending each other's weddings (and bachelor parties) to their days together on 'SNL'. Meyers explained that although most people remember Samberg's tenure on 'SNL' for his Digital Shorts, he most enjoyed Andy's time at the Weekend Update Desk.

"One of my favorite things you ever did on the show, 'Get In The Cage', where you would play Nic Cage," Meyers told Samberg, "Highlight of my time on the show was when the actual Nic Cage shows up." Samberg nodded in agreement.

Samberg recalled being nervous about Cage's reaction to his impression, as Meyers noted, "Because you played him like a full lunatic."

"Like a maniac with his head on fire," Samberg added in agreement.

Check out the clip above to see how Nic Cage responded to Samberg's outrageous sketch and go to the 'Late Night' website to watch Part II of their interview.



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