03/12/2014 07:43 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2014

The Advice You Need To Hear If You're Stuck In A Bad Relationship

When you find yourself in a bad relationship, how do you garner the strength to walk away?

According to relationship blogger Mara Kofoed, author of A Blog About Love, the answer is finding power within yourself -- something she learned the hard way in a previous relationship.

"I think self worth is the issue," Kofoed told HuffPost Live on Tuesday. "At the time I felt like ‘I will never be able to find someone else like this’ so it was so hard to leave. But if women could just realize they have so much to offer and that there isn't just this one guy that will fulfill them, I think it can give you the strength to walk away," she said.

Watch the video above to hear more of her advice, and check out the full HuffPost Live segment here.

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