03/12/2014 03:04 pm ET Updated Mar 12, 2014

Lily Allen Lost Her Chanel Wedding Dress For Five Minutes, And Everyone Panicked

Lily Allen is pretty comfortable taking her clothes off. Perhaps that's why her Chanel wedding dress, which is worth upward of $300,000, went missing from her wardrobe -- temporarily. Marie Claire UK reports that the free-spirited singer admitted the loss to British music program 4Music on Wednesday. When asked how she possibly could have lost such an expensive and important piece, she simply replied, "I don't know where it is."

No offense, Lily, but nobody just up and loses a Chanel wedding dress. Especially not one designed by Karl Lagerfeld HIMSELF. Thankfully, the chaos was squashed when Lily announced on Twitter that she had found it. (PHEW!)

Between this almost-loss and the news that she turned down millions of dollars to perform for Bitcoin, 2014 is shaping up to be quite a shaky year for the singer already. Hopefully she keeps a better handle on her money (and her Chanel dresses) from now on. Check out the dress in question below:



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