03/14/2014 11:31 am ET Updated Mar 14, 2014

Adorable 4-Year-Old News Anchor Should Be Hired By A Network STAT


It's been a winter of endless snow days, so kids have gotten really creative to keep themselves entertained -- weaving Rainbow Loom bracelets, performing Furby sacrifices, and now, launching their careers.

With the help of his parents on a snow day, 4-year-old Vincent Savage produced his very own news segment called "Kid News" in which he performs as lead anchor. Dressed in a dapper vest, tie and pocket square, the kid from Kansas broadcasts to children everywhere the latest happenings, complete with impressive b-roll.

Not only does he inform us that a survey "out of Chicago" says the T-Rex is kids' favorite dinosaur, but he gives a compelling reason for parents to take kids to the newest blockbuster flick The Lego Movie. Two words: Channing Tatum. "It should be a no brainer," he says.

Mom and dad Chantal and Mike have radio experience, but they told ABC News that the mini-anchor's talent comes naturally. Though, we have to give the Savage family credit for providing their future George Stephanopoulos with an old green screen...



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