03/14/2014 08:29 am ET Updated Mar 14, 2014

9 Ways Floppy Bacon Ruins Everything (PHOTOS)

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We're the first to admit that it takes a special skill to cook perfect bacon. You have to be attentive. And you have to understand how to work with bacon fat. There are common mistakes you'll want to be sure to avoid. But even if you haven't mastered bacon, that doesn't mean that you should be making it floppy. Or worse, eating it floppy.

You all know what we mean when we say floppy bacon. It's bacon that's not only chewy -- which is already wrong -- but that still has gristly fat on it. Not only is the texture 100 percent offputting, but it's also a blatant reminder of good bacon fat that has gone to waste. This is a meat-eating sin. That bacon fat was meant to cook the meat to perfection, and now it just sits there, limp, bringing the whole bacon party down.

The only thing that's worse than floppy bacon is when people try to sneak floppy bacon into our favorite bacon-filled foods. (To avoid this, ask for your bacon well done -- it works.) Here are nine most common ways floppy bacon ruins perfectly good meals. We hope they don't happen to you.

When Bad Bacon Happens To Good Food

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