03/17/2014 05:50 pm ET

Future's 'Good Morning' Is Either The Original 'Drunk In Love' Or A Cool Cover Or What?

At this year's South By Southwest, Future headlined a day of music festivities for Spin at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, Texas. During the show, Future performed an unreleased track that he called "Good Morning," but Beyonce fans might call "The Song That's Like 'Drunk in Love.'"

"I was recording with this producer by the name of Detail. We were working on 'Drunk In Love,'" Future said at the concert. "We started working on this other record at the same time, and then once 'Drunk in Love' came out it pushed this song to the side. At the same time, it's one of my favorite songs that didn't make the album."

So, what gives? Was "Good Morning" the original "Drunk in Love," or vice versa? BuzzFeed speculates the tracks could be connected (both were produced by Noel "Details" Fisher), but notes Future's representative told the site he had nothing to do with "Drunk in Love." At Fuse, "Good Morning" is described as taking a "sample" from "Drunk in Love." Mystery! Watch above to come up with your own conspiracy theories, and here's Beyonce's "Drunk in Love," because cigars on ice.

[via BuzzFeed]



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