03/19/2014 12:31 pm ET Updated Mar 19, 2014

The 'Thomas The Tank Engine' Theme Holds Up Surprisingly Well In Rap Mashups

In elementary school, we ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while watching Ringo Starr and George Carlin on "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends."

In middle school, we discovered hip hop and bought CDs of albums by DMX, Dr. Dre and Ludacris.

Now those two worlds are finally together in an amazing YouTube trend of uploading mashups between the "Thomas & Friends" theme song with various rap hits. Our minds are truly blown at how well the honky tonk tune holds up with each of these songs, and at how much time we're spending listening to the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song.

NOTE: Everyone appears to be using the uncensored versions of these songs so yes, there is profanity in each of the videos. Except for the Will Smith-"Fresh Prince" theme one.

And there's even a Natalie Portman rap mashup, and the language here is also NSFW:

[h/t DailyDot]