03/19/2014 12:21 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2014

WATCH: A Meditation To Address Workplace Unhappiness


What happens if you can't stand your job, but you feel unable to leave?

According to the teachings of Seon Buddhist monk Hwansan Sunim, feelings of displeasure at work can have varied and interwoven sources -- and if left unexamined, can inflict a lasting and devastating impact on your health, well-being and relationships.

"Not getting along with those around me, or being at odds with the atmosphere of the organization, any one of these is hard to handle," says Sunim. "But what I learn from my friends in the workplace is that usually these come in combination. Usually, if a workplace is intolerable, you have a combination of these factors."

In Seon meditation, the central question is: Yi-mwot-go or in English, "What is this?" When we react to a situation, what fuels our reaction? This question can be very therapeutic in exploring the source of our unhappiness -- at work and anywhere.

Watch the above guided meditation video to learn more.