03/20/2014 12:56 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2014

The One Thing About Photos We Could All Learn From Molly Sims

Picture this: You're hanging out with a group of friends and someone decides to take a group photo, so you throw your arms around each other and ask a willing stranger to snap it for you. As soon as it's taken, everyone swarms the person whose phone its on to see the damage. Sure enough, everyone finds something they dislike about the way they look and demands the photo is deleted.

Sound familiar? Well, Molly Sims has a piece of advice for you. The model/actress stopped by HuffPost Live Wednesday to chat about pressures in the modeling industry, how to take a proper "selfie" and how she deals with body image. When the 40-year-old is feeling down about how she looks, she recalls some words of wisdom from a friend. "You're going to look at that picture two years from now and think, "I looked good,"" she told HuffPost Live.

But Sims understands that stopping ourselves from critiquing every detail is easier said than done. "At the time it's hard not to do that, but we all have to accept who we are and accept out beauty," adding, "even if we have flaws." While we can all relate to getting down on ourselves because of an unflattering photo, it is probable that we will look back on said image fondly. So for now, let's just embrace those cameras, shall we?

Check out the clip above and to see the entire interview, head over to HuffPost Live.



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