03/20/2014 03:41 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2014

After Being Pulled Over, Black Youths Have A Surprising Conversation With Police (VIDEO)

Usually, when you hear about a police officer pulling somebody over without cause, it's not going to be a happy story.

But in this case, it was.

After a group of young African American members of the Black Youth Project 100 were pulled over on March 8th, one of its members asked why they had been stopped. The officer, also African American, told them they had a taillight out. Upon inspection, they realized they didn't.

When one of the youth told the officer they were headed to Nassau Hotel, he said he'd meet them there. Then, something fantastic happened: they had an open conversation about the seemingly unjustified stop.

The police officer expressed how his feelings were hurt that they would think the stop was due to their skin color.

To watch the refreshing interaction, check out the video from BY Proj above.



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