Nothing About This Student Candidate's Sexist Video Makes Any Sense

Luke Dzierzanowski is running for office at the San Diego State University student government. His platform is apparently "ladies love me."

Dzierzanowski was running to be representative for the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts. He posted a video this month to YouTube showing him sitting in a chair smoking a cigar, while a wet dog runs by and four women play around in bikinis in a pool. Then the women jump on a trampoline, while he continues smoking.

At the end of the video, the women say in unison, "We're voting for Luke. Are you?"

Apparently, this is part of his overall campaign -- cigars and suits.

Anthony Berteaux, writing for the student newspaper The Aztec, called it a disgrace. But he noted that Dzierzanowski's video was memorable, which the candidate responded to in a comment on the article:

"While I must commend Dzierzanowski for being the only memorable candidate, as I can't even recall the other candidates' names" is a key part in my opinion. Did you know that last year 18 percent of the student body voted for A.S. Elections? I think we can both agree that number is much lower than it should be. The job of a representative is to represent the students and be their link to the faculty and administration.

Dzierzanowski added that he stood by the way he campaigned.

Voting ended Thursday evening and Dzierzanowski lost, in his words, "with a bang." Among five candidates vying for three available seats, he collected just 83 votes out of 728 cast.

But there's another weird twist that Uproxx noticed about the dog in the video, which a woman claimed that was her lost pet:
youtube thing

Strange. So strange.