03/25/2014 12:35 pm ET Updated Mar 25, 2014

The History Behind The Movie Trailer Is More Fascinating Than You'd Think

Everyone knows that the best part about seeing a movie in the theater is getting to watch the previews. Okay, fine; that's an opinion, but there's no arguing that today's movie trailers are works of art. They show just enough to get viewers excited about an upcoming film, while leaving out essential details in order to avoid spoiling plots.

Nowadays, movie trailers show only the most perfect shots, expertly spliced together with a teasy voiceover, but that wasn't always the norm. Filmmaker IQ has looked into the history of the medium to explain how these teasers came to be. A lot has changed since the first movie theaters opened over a century ago, and it only makes sense that the way we advertise films has adapted to keep up.

Check out the video above to learn all about the history of the film trailer, cliffhangers and the film advertising business. The 15-minute mini-documentary will leave you with an actual TiL. Don't want to watch the video? You can also read the entire script on Filmmaker IQ's website.



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