03/25/2014 01:19 pm ET Updated Mar 25, 2014

Jon Stewart Calls Out Fox News, Ed Schultz For Malaysia Flight Theories

While everyone's attention seems to be on CNN's non-stop coverage of the Malaysia Airlines flight, Jon Stewart has his eyes on another network: Fox News.

The "Daily Show" host said Monday night that Fox News refuses to be "out-speculated," by CNN, and thus he recapped some of the top Flight 370 theories that have come from the network.

At the top of his list was Geraldo Rivera's reenactment of the Flight 370 passengers choking due to lack of oxygen on "Fox & Friends."

"Please, act it out with as little respect for the victims as possible," Stewart said.

Stewart then pointed out that although networks like CNN and Fox News have all collectively over-reported on a story with very little information to go on, there has been some divide at MSNBC. While Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes have publicly denounced that kind of heavy coverage, Ed Schultz has filled his show with new theories, graphics, maps and viewer polls.

"We will not try to turn the lack of news in this very sad story into something that sounds like news when it isn't," Maddow said on air.

"Maybe they should have cc-ed that to everyone in the building," Stewart said, pointing at Schultz.



Jon Stewart