03/25/2014 12:37 pm ET Updated Mar 26, 2014

5 Important Things We've Learned From Kimye's Vogue Profile

Vogue's international editor at large Hamish Bowles tagged along with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on their "quest for world domination -- and the perfect wedding dress," and, as one can imagine, the end result is quite the doozy.

Sprinkled among some of most purple prose ever written are in fact a few things the world had yet to know about the #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple:

When Kardashian's idol Elizabeth Taylor died, the reality star acquired some of her jewels and even looked into buying her house:

"It was just so enchanting," she remembers, "with a garden with really pretty trellises and beautiful roses, but it wasn’t realistic for me to purchase. It only had a one-car garage."

North West is the living doll Kardashian had always dreamed of having:

"I take pictures of her all the time and dress her up," says Kim. "I put Kanye’s big chains around her, and I put a little Louis bag and some Jordans, and I was like, 'What up, Daddy?'"

Kris Jenner is not a regular mom, she's a cool mom (and grandmother in denial):

Kris (who, as Kim notes, "goes by the name of Lovey, not Grandma!") ...

Kardashian has a masochistic streak:

Kim is catching up with herself on dailymail.co.uk ("That is my favorite Web site of all time!")

North West makes the best faces:



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