03/26/2014 01:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

George Lopez Speaks Out On Arrest For Public Intoxication In Canada Casino

George Lopez exhibited an impressive amount of self-awareness when discussing his relationship with alcohol in an interview Tuesday with HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps.

During a conversation about his new series "Saint George," which airs Thursday nights on FX, the comedian opened up about his arrest for public intoxication in a Canada casino in late February.

"Yeah, [I'd had] way too much to drink and [it was] very embarrassing for me," he recounted. "But since I got up -- this is the good news -- I haven't had a drop of alcohol, nor do I desire any alcohol. It was the end of the road."

Lopez added that each day without a drink gets easier, and he's avoided liquor in risky circumstances like concerts and a boxing match. He mentioned that even though he keeps "Ketel" and tequila in his freezer at home, he knows he must resist the temptation.

"My people invented tequila, but that doesn't mean I can handle it just because we invented it," he said.

Watch the rest of George Lopez's HuffPost Live interview below: