03/26/2014 03:28 pm ET Updated Mar 26, 2014

High-Five Camera Shows That Everyone Needs A Little Human Contact (VIDEO)

What is the best way to say hello to someone -- a wave, a handshake ... a high-five?

California-based tinkerer Andrew Maxwell-Parish believes that of all the gestures, the high-five is king. Unlike "impersonal" handshakes, the greeting is the "quickest and most universal gesture for telling someone, 'you are awesome,'" he writes on

So, to put the notion to the test, Maxwell-Parish created a high-five camera, and recorded strangers' reactions as he walked around San Francisco for a day with his hand held high.

"The high-five. What a wonderful thing. You can give a random high-five to a stranger and, more than likely, it will make them feel better," he writes in the post, where he also explains how to build the device.

Maxwell-Parish, who runs the innovative Hybrid Lab at the California College of the Arts, designed the high-five camera so that it would automatically start rolling when someone neared with an outstretched arm. The GoPro camera would then cut as soon as the friendly greeting was complete.

Watch Maxwell-Parish's high-five camera in action above.

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