03/26/2014 01:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pip The 'Psychic' Goat Is A Fraud

AFP via Getty Images

A "psychic" goat is in a b-a-a-d way this morning after everyone realized he's a fraud and a liar.

It would have been an act of sheer stupidity to believe Pip the "psychic" goat's prediction that Cheltenham Town would defeat Scunthorpe United in an epic soccer match last night. Anyone who bet on the Gloucestershire, U.K. goat's pick had the wool pulled over their eyes -- Scunthorpe won 2-0.

Pip was given a choice to eat from three different bowls of food. They were labeled Cheltenham, Draw and Scunthorpe, the Scunthorpe Telegraph reports.

The folks from Cotswald Farm Park, who are training Pip, hope that he'll enjoy the same success as Paul the Octopus, who correctly predicted the results of seven of Germany's games in the 2010 World Cup. Sadly, Paul died after the predictions. He was 2.

Pip is off to a rough start. Papers overseas are calling for the return of Paul after Pip's epic blunder.

But we know some shoe-ins who can replace Paul, unlike Pip the Poseur. Teddy Bear the Porcupine correctly predicted the better of two teams facing off in Super Bowl 48 -- the Seattle Seahawks -- as did a couple of the other psychic animals we covered earlier this year.

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