Men Stuff Their Penises Into Socks For Cancer Awareness (NSFW)

Men, it might be time for you to put your #cockinasock.

This week, droves of dudes have been stuffing their penises into socks of all shapes and sizes -- for a good cause.

The #cockinasock campaign appears to have originated in the United Kingdom, thanks to Get Your Sock Out, a group working to raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancer. According to the group's fundraising page, donations are currently being collected for London-based charity Cancer Research U.K.. Thus far, about $5,300 has been raised.


As the campaign went viral, some onlookers lauded the men involved for stripping for a worthy cause, while voyeurs everywhere celebrated the copious amounts of flesh being flashed.

"It is probably the best hashtag to exist in the history of the hashtag and human existence," declared Buzzfeed on Tuesday.

Not everyone was impressed, however.

Vice's Amelia Abraham argued Thursday that the campaign is more about vanity than charity. "The only thing these cocks in socks seems to be raising are the eyebrows of bored middle-aged women on their lunch breaks and the erections of gay bloggers reveling in the explosion of this phenomenon. Also, almost without exception, everyone who's doing it is a douchebag," she wrote.

Amazeballs or vanity at its boldest? Tell us what you this of this #cockinasock trend in the comments below.