03/28/2014 08:48 pm ET Updated Mar 28, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Explains Why She Would Consciously Make Bad Decisions (VIDEO)

To help her start establishing a healthy lifestyle, Lindsay Lohan has been meeting with celebrity fitness trainer and life coach A.J. Johnson. When they sit down to talk about the bad decisions Lohan made in the past, Lohan admits she was sabotaging herself.

"I've known if something I'm doing is the wrong choice, but I've still done it anyway," Lohan says in the above clip from OWN's docuseries, "Lindsay."

Johnson asks if she thought about the negative outcomes her choices have. "I wasn't thinking about the consequences then," Lohan says. "I think growing up and with age and time and experiences, and dealing with consequences, I've learned to look at things and look at the results of them afterward."

Later, Lohan reveals why problems at home have made her feel she was in a vicious cycle.

"In the past, everything would be great, and then I'd sabotage it," Lohan says. "Its good good, good, good, good -- and there's that thing in my head where it's like, 'Oh -- time to sabotage.' I think that it was because things would be really good at home for like, three to six months, and then my dad would disappear for a few nights, or disappear for week, and then it would all just happen again. So everything's good, good, good, good -- and then it just stops. And it's bad again."

"It was me recognizing what I was doing," Lohan says. "And I didn't recognize that for so long, and that was an awakening experience for me."

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