03/31/2014 06:58 pm ET

This 2-Year-Old's Emergency Call Saved His Mother's Life

A toddler has been credited with saving his mother's life after he called emergency services following her sudden collapse last month.

According to reports, 2-year-old Riley Ward of Leicestershire, England, had the presence of mind to call the United Kingdom's emergency telephone number "999" in February when his mom lost consciousness in their home, telling operators: "Mummy's on the floor."

"All I remember is the room getting smaller and smaller and then I opened my eyes when I heard a police officer trying to kick my door down," Riley's mom, Dana Henry, told the Leicester Mercury. "I managed to get up and open the door but then collapsed again."

Henry was rushed to the hospital, where doctors reportedly discovered a large blood clot and dangerous bleeding of her ovary.

"When the surgeon came to see me the next day, she said she had never seen anything like it. When I asked what would have happened if I hadn’t got to hospital, she said I would have been very poorly," Henry told the Leicester Mercury. "I would never have rung 999 -- I would have kept taking pain killers and hoping it would go away. It really scared me, because if I hadn’t passed out and Riley hadn’t rung the ambulance I might not be here today.”

Henry said that she had long drilled it into Riley and his sister that they should call 999 if they were ever unable to wake her. She says, however, that she's still amazed that her little boy was able to follow those life-saving instructions.

In the video above, Riley can be heard struggling to string words together when he calls the emergency hotline. He was able to say enough, however, for emergency service workers to understand that something was terribly amiss.

This week, the East Midlands Ambulance Services, which responded to Riley's plea for help, has recognized the toddler's bravery and quick-thinking, the BBC notes. Riley, who is believed to be the youngest caller of the East Midlands Ambulance Services, has been awarded a paramedic teddy bear and a certificate.

Way to go, kiddo!