03/31/2014 06:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Unexpected Things That Can (And Will) Go Wrong On Your Wedding Day

According to Murphy's law, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong -- and that's especially true when it comes to weddings.

On Sunday, a Redditor posed this question: "What went wrong on your wedding day?" We've compiled some of the most head-shaking debacles below.

1. "Got pooped on by a bird during our pictures. Thank goodness for wet wipes." - alecatq2

2. "My caterer called me while I was in the makeup chair (approx. 5 hours before our wedding) and told me they had accidentally double booked our ceremony space." - pantsoffdanceofff

3. "The bridesmaid driving in from out of state had car trouble on her way up. She was also doing flowers." - PenitentRebel

woman car trouble

4. "The town Christmas parade passed in front of the church, lights, sirens, and horns blaring (bands too!), just as my now ex-husband was saying his vows. In retrospect, I've often said that it should have been a sign to me." - riverfaerie

5. "When the officiant announced us as husband and wife, she called my husband by my dad's name." - CupcakeMonkey

6. "Venue spelled our last name wrong on the marquee board ... The AC stopped working ... My husband's family showed up late and missed family photos." - Missesa

wedding guests

7. "The invitations had the wrong church address." - QuixoticChemist

8. "An event happened we didn't know about that blocked the roads to our venue. Bridesmaids and I were only ones that made it before it started and ended up doing all the setup (rolling tables and everything) AFTER our hair and makeup was done. I cried." - thepynkmynx

road closed

9. "We had confirmed both over the phone and via email [with] the organist. She never showed up. We walked down the aisle to a CD that the minister had of standard wedding music." - BelleVierge

10. "A friend's son knocked me over completely into the dirt, kind of ruining my dress. It's ripped now and I can't get all the dirt out. Love that kid but wasn't too happy at that." - thepynkmynx

Of course, as one Redditor pointed out, there's a way to make sure everything goes exactly according to plan -- by having no plan at all:

"Absolutely nothing [went wrong], but I also eloped." - GertrudeBeerstein

Do you have a wedding day mishap? Let us know in the comment section below.

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