04/01/2014 10:11 am ET Updated Apr 02, 2014

Anna Kournikova Has Never Met Julio Iglesias, Though She's Been Dating His Son For 12 Years

Larry Marano via Getty Images

Anna Kournikova is one of the world's most beautiful women and a knockout tennis star. Certainly someone you'd bring home to meet the parents, right? Well, wrong ... apparently. Her boyfriend of 12 years, Enrique Iglesias, has never introduced her to his father -- notorious crooner, Julio Iglesias.

The 70-year-old singer opened up to Mirror U.K. and admitted he has never met his son's stunning lady. "You know I have to tell the truth, I have never met Anna," he said. "Yes, my wife, and my kids and his brothers have, but I have never met her, no, no, never."

"I don’t know how come," he added. "My kids are very independent and it is difficult to see Enrique because he is all over the world. But Anna is very beautiful -- they have good taste, my kids."

Hopefully, if the two ever decide to tie the knot, Iglesias' father will get an invitation.

Last month, Enrique, 38, made headlines for telling "CBS Sunday Morning" that "when you've been with someone for such a long time, I don't think [marriage is] going to bring us closer together. I don't think it's going to ... make us any happier."

He later clarified his statement on "Today," saying: "We are extremely happy the way we are. I'm not against marriage by any means. I have not ruled it out, but if you're happy, I don't think [marriage] will really make a difference."

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