04/01/2014 05:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Western New Mexico University Covers Its Website In Babies

Western New Mexico University covered its website in babies Tuesday.

As in little human babies. It's kind of adorable. Or creepy. We haven't decided yet.

wnmu baby landing

The home page features ads for babies to learn ABC's in online classes and skipping pre-school to start work on a college degree in the summer.

baby abcs

Lower on the WNMU website are several stories featuring babies and this amazing baby GIF:

The university also explains that it plans to do some research using the babies, like this one on Freshmen 15:

The “Hungry 8” as they have been nicknamed by many, were selected at random during the first trimester of their mothers’ pregnancies. For the entire first semester, the Hungry 8 were on a strict diet of three meals a day from the Mustang Dining Hall.

Or the news release WNMU links to regarding a study about babies taking selfies:

A new study shows that Generation Z has something in common with that of its parents – its addiction to selfies.

Recently added to the Oxford Dictionary as an official word, Selfies is defined as “the act of taking a picture of yourself and posting it for everyone to see.” It seems everyone from President Obama to Ellen Degeneres are joining in on the seemingly selfish act of promoting themselves to their social media followers. Now babies are in on the fun.

Ugh, we really don't want to have to start reading trend pieces on Generation Z.

But yes, it is all in the spirit of April Fool's Day, in case you had any doubt. It's all clarified in a text that pops up when you click on the tab at the top of the page:

We love babies. They are awesome. We were once babies and we all wish we still were. But honestly, it's just April Fools, so why not!?