04/02/2014 02:27 pm ET Updated Apr 02, 2014

Coach Pranks Football Players With Hideous New Uniforms

At a morning meeting with the University of Washington football team Tuesday, head coach Chris Petersen had a big trick up his sleeve.

He told the players gathered that he would be unveiling the team's brand new uniforms, but failed to mention the fact that the uniforms he had on hand were a total farce.

"They're not going to release these for two weeks," Petersen told the team, poker-faced. "But I always want you guys to see them first."

Out paraded two players, dressed in the phony Washington Huskies ensembles: horrible purple and gold numbers, with "DAWGS" printed across the seat of the pants, a "W" splashed awkwardly on the crotch and a cartoon husky logo emblazoned on the helmet (which even Petersen admitted looked "goofy").

Whether out of politeness or shock, most of the players sat speechless in their seats, listening grim-faced as Petersen explained the significance of the fake uniforms' design. That is, until the coach finally broke the tension, reminding the players what day it was: "It's April Fools'!" he hollered, and the players broke out in peals of laughter.

"That's terrible!" someone in the crowd can be heard exclaiming after the big reveal.

Petersen, who had been head coach at Boise State University, was hired by the University of Washington in December.

"It’s nice to see him building this kind of rapport with his new team," wrote of the coach's April Fools' prank.

Watch the prank unfold in the video above.