04/02/2014 04:26 pm ET Updated Apr 02, 2014

Pilot Makes Emergency Landing Only Using Jet's Rear Wheels

Faced with malfunctioning front landing gear, a pilot in Brazil safely landed a passenger jet on its rear wheels.

The emergency landing happened Friday, after the Avianca Airlines jet, carrying 49 passengers and crew, departed Petrolina, a northeastern Brazilian town, headed for Brasilia, Reuters reports.

When the Fokker 100's front landing gear failed to deploy, the pilot declared an emergency aboard the aircraft, according to the outlet. He then circled the city for some time in an effort to burn fuel and lighten the plane's weight.

A bystander captured the aircraft's landing on video, as the pilot brought the aircraft in on its rear wheels and kept the nose aloft as long as possible until it inevitably tilted down into the tarmac and the plane came to a stop. No one was injured.

In 2005, after a JetBlue's front landing gear malfunctioned, the aircraft circled Los Angeles for almost three hours, burning fuel, while passengers aboard the flight watched live coverage of the incident on their seat-back televisions, the New York Times reported. No one was hurt in that incident either.