04/03/2014 05:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Vine Just Unleashed A Private Messaging Feature (We All Know How This Ends)


Now you don't have to worry about whether your latest Vine is appropriate for everyone. The app's latest update lets you share private video messages directly with other users.

The Twitter-owned video-sharing app announced Thursday that users can now record six-second videos and send them directly to individuals, rather than sharing them with the entire Vine community. Inevitably, the update means a lot of Vine sexting will be going down.

Friends can reply to private messages with either a video or a written message. Vine users can even send private videos to non-Vine users via text.

vine messaging

“To create your own Vine message (VM), select the new 'Messages' option in the navigation menu, record a video and send it to your friends,” reads a post on the Vine Blog, describing the announcement. “You can send a VM to multiple people. Each conversation is one-to-one; if you want to send a video to eight friends, you will start eight separate conversations. Your messages inbox has two sections: Friends (people you know) and Other (people outside your network). If you want to receive messages only from the people you follow or know, you can turn off your Other inbox in Settings.”

Furthermore, if people find a post on Vine that they think a friend would enjoy, the new messaging feature allows them to share that post directly with that friend.

The new Vine update is available now for Android and iOS users.