04/04/2014 02:46 pm ET Updated Apr 04, 2014

CNN Reports News That Disappeared Malaysian Airplane Was, At Some Point Before Disappearance, Not Disappeared


Breaking news from CNN, the most trusted name in obsessing over what might have happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Rose Marie Arce brings us a new and exciting report, with the headline, "Plane buffs captured Flight 370 in images before disappearance."

Sweet fancy Moses, the what you say, CNN? Is this the breakthrough we've been waiting for in the search for this missing airliner? Did a bunch of amateurs capture images of the plane before it went missing, images which might be used to refine the search? It all depends on whether this report delivers on the headline's promise. Let's see how this goes:

A few months before Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing, an enthusiastic plane spotter named Gunnar Kullenberg heard Malaysia Airlines was about to stop flying to the United States. He wanted a photograph of its majestic Boeing 777-200 and planted himself at the Los Angeles airport at dawn. That's where he snapped a photo of the airplane dancing in the glowing sky.

And let's just stop right there. Yes, "plane buffs" managed to get images of the aircraft that went on to be known as "Malaysian Air Flight 370" before it disappeared. And CNN has got a bunch of those images for you to view. Everything, critically, hangs on the work that the word "before" is doing in the phrase "before the disappearance." In this case, "before the disappearance" means:

--June 27, 2010: The plane was on a runway in Rome.
--August 2010: The plane was in the sky over Perth.
--January 30, 2011: The plane was "flying into cloudy skies above Rome."
--June 28, 2011: The plane was on the tarmac in Johannesburg.
--January 23, 2012: The plane departed Istanbul.
--May 5, 2013: The plane was on the tarmac in Amsterdam.

Great work, plane buffs! And fantastic job, CNN, for proving unequivocally that prior to its disappearance, the aircraft that became "missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370," definitely, definitely existed.

Plane buffs captured Flight 370 in images before disappearance [CNN]
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