04/04/2014 06:30 pm ET Updated Apr 08, 2014

NYC's Cronut Haven Reopens After Mouse Infestation (UPDATE)

Ari Perilstein via Getty Images

UPDATE: April 8 -- Dominique Ansel Bakery reopened Tuesday morning, and workers were greeted by long lines of eager customers. Chef Ansel debuted a special Cronut called "Rocky" to mark the occasion.


Those waiting to get their hands on the coveted Cronut will have to put their cravings on hold for a bit.

On Friday, New York City's Department of Health shut down Dominique Ansel Bakery, which invented the croissant-doughnut hybrid, due to a mouse infestation. The devastating news comes a day after a customer filmed a mouse scurrying across the bakery floor and posted the video to YouTube.

"The establishment was closed by the Department because of a severe mouse infestation that requires professional pest control services," a representative for the Department of Health told Gothamist.

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In the wake of the closure, a bakery rep told WNBC-TV: "As a small one-shop bakery, we often feel like we're being looked at under a tremendous microscope. The news was dramatically sensationalized. A lot of time people don't see the larger ramifications of their actions and how a tiny video of a mouse running across the screen for 3 seconds can cause harm and damages to an honest, small business that people's livelihood depends on."

The closure is only temporary, though. "We were asked to re-cement the floors and that will take about 2 days. We hope to open by mid-day Monday and will of course do everything that the DOH required of us," Amy Ma, a rep for the bakery, told The Huffington Post via email.

In the interim, here's how you can make your own version of the Cronut at home.



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