04/04/2014 02:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Explorer Mike Horn On Surviving The North Pole In Darkness (VIDEO)

Meet the first person who circumnavigated the equator and Arctic Circle and traversed the entire length of South America and the Amazon River -- all alone and without motorized transport.

Daring, fearless, and crazy are just a few words used to describe the Swiss-South African explorer Mike Horn.

Horn joined HuffPost Live to share his preparation techniques, survival skills and the incredible journey he will undertake next.

Horn never takes the easy way out. He planned his excursion to the North Pole in the "worst conditions possible," during the months of complete darkness. He explained it "considered completely crazy."

Horn told host Josh Zepps about his diet during his adventure traversing the Arctic Circle.

"The food's your fuel. We eat maximum up to 12,000 calories. That's everything that you would eat, more or less, in five to six days, I have to eat per day," he said. "So it starts with a base of fats, a lot of olive oil, a lot of cocoa butter, a lot of macadamia nuts, natural nuts."

Horn also discussed his next big feat -- he will circumnavigate the world by the two poles in just one season, "an expedition that hasn't been done like that until today."

To learn more about the extreme world adventurer Mike Horn watch the full HuffPost Live interview below.



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