04/05/2014 11:56 am ET Updated Apr 19, 2015

7 Curb Appeal Makeovers You Have To See To Believe

Curb appeal can be difficult to get right, since there's often much work to be done: Painting, modifying architectural details, repairs, landscaping, etc. None of these projects are easy to do in a weekend (no matter what HGTV says). But for the lucky owners of these seven homes, they were able to call in a few pros to mastermind the job. The results really reflect the hard work, creativity and talent that only a designer can bring to a project. Check out the photos below from our friends at Porch.com and tell us: Which one is your favorite?

  • BEFORE: 1960s Suburbia
    While some of us are <a href="https://www.onekingslane.com/sales/32968" target="_blank">big fans of the 1960s</a>, the proper
    While some of us are big fans of the 1960s, the property didn't stand out in the neighborhood.
  • AFTER: Distinctively Modern
    To see the entire home transformation, <a href="http://porch.com/projects/joyous-renovation-1?img=36699" target="_blank">visi
    To see the entire home transformation, visit Porch.comProject: Joyous Renovation by Thielsen Architects
  • BEFORE: "I think I passed your house?"
  • AFTER: A Great First Impression
    Project: <a href="http://porch.com/projects/joan-s-curb-appeal-1" target="_blank">SLC Curb Appeal</a> by Renovation Design Gr
    Project: SLC Curb Appeal by Renovation Design Group
  • BEFORE: Desert Beige
  • AFTER: Stylish Stonework
    Project: <a href="http://porch.com/projects/exterior-stone-project-in-phoenix-1" target="_blank">Exterior Stone Project</a> b
    Project: Exterior Stone Project by Architectural Stone Concepts
  • BEFORE: Split-Level With "Interesting" Details
  • AFTER: A Cohesive New Look
    Project: <a href="http://porch.com/projects/whole-house-remodel-1?img=35347" target="_blank">Bountiful Remodel</a> by Renovat
    Project: Bountiful Remodel by Renovation Design Group
  • BEFORE: A "Fixer-Upper"
  • AFTER: Proof That A Porch Can Be Powerful
    Project: <a href="http://porch.com/projects/front-porch-renovation-1" target="_blank">Front Porch Renovation</a> by Ultrarock
    Project: Front Porch Renovation by Ultrarock Builders
  • BEFORE: Charming, But Cramped
  • AFTER: A Spacious Cape Cod
    Project: <a href="http://porch.com/projects/chris-george-1" target="_blank">CG Remodel</a> by Renovation Design Group
    Project: CG Remodel by Renovation Design Group
  • BEFORE: A Home With Plenty Of Potential
  • AFTER: A Whole New Floor...And A Whole New Home
    Project: <a href="http://porch.com/projects/whole-house-remodel-2?img=35393" target="_blank">Whole House Remodel</a> by Renov
    Project: Whole House Remodel by Renovation Design Group