04/05/2014 09:48 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Gay Dads Raise A Baby In Paradise, Inspire Parents Everywhere (PHOTOS)

Doug Rigg's Instagram feed has us wondering why we don't all raise our children in paradise.

Rigg and his partner, Bill Markevitch, live in Honolulu and have chronicled their journey as gay parents since their daughter Cristina Lei was born in May of 2012.

Rigg, director of annual giving at Punahou School (President Obama's alma mater), and Markevitch, who works in special events at Easter Seals Hawaii, began their baby adventure in 2006 when they first considered adoption, but ultimately decided to use a traditional surrogate. When they decided to become fathers, Rigg turned to blogging and social media both to share their joy and show the world that two gay men can be capable, loving fathers.

"It's a glimpse into our lives," he told The Huffington Post. "We're pretty normal."

While their familial bond and love may be perfectly normal, their amazing lifestyle is anything but. Living in Hawaii, according to Rigg, gives Cristina an opportunity to enjoy what he prizes about his own youth growing up on Oahu -- "a young life on the beach, in the mountains, out in nature" -- all year round.

It also connects her with a large ohana (family). "Not that other places aren't family-oriented," Rigg noted, "but there is something incredibly special about the meaning of family in Hawaii. It doesn't just include your immediate family as it may on the mainland. We have had so many incredibly supportive friends who are like aunties and uncles to Cristina."

The journey hasn't always been picture perfect. He said it has taken them a while to get where they are, but they wouldn't trade it for anything. To have the opportunity to raise Cristina in Hawaii, he said, "is so gratifying... We just got kinda lucky, I guess."

From the looks of these photos, we'd say Cristina is the lucky one:

Life is good when you're chilling with this view...

Or in the arms of one of your gunkles (gay uncles).

From surfer chick...

To swim baby...

Nothing beats the beach life.

With a loving ohana...

And exotic hikes...

Life is pretty happy for this little family.



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