04/07/2014 11:28 am ET Updated Apr 07, 2014

Breakdancer 'Kapstand' Takes Photos With All Of Paris's Major Landmarks... Upside Down

Why tour Paris right-side up when you could do it upside down?

Kapstand, a 29-year-old break dancer, has won Instagram fame for epic photos of him performing one-armed handstands in front of Paris' most well-known monuments.

Kapstand moved to the City of Light about eight months ago and after hand-standing in a few different spots, he made an Instagram account to document this inverted exploration of his new hometown.

Kapstand has explained that he hides his face to remain anonymous and that he'd ideally like to expand his project to places around the world, like New York and Machu Picchu. For now, though, it's pretty awesome just to watch him tear up Paris.

Here he is handstanding at Notre Dame.

Oh whaddup, Arc de Triomphe?

We're hoping handstands at the Musée d'Orsay aren't a major faux pas.

Oh hey, it's just me handstanding with the that one tower.

Bonjour, cafe people!

The ONLY way to see Versailles.



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