04/07/2014 12:05 pm ET Updated Apr 07, 2014

We're Still Investigating Whether This 'SNL' Cold Open Was Funny

Whether she's playing the Biebs or Ellen DeGeneres, it almost seems Kate McKinnon can’t do a bad impression. So color us surprised that McKinnon’s take on General Motors CEO Mary Barra was a rare miss for the real Ellen DeGeneres’ favorite "Saturday Night Live" cast member.

This week’s cold open focused on Barra’s testimony to Congress, in which she appeared to repeatedly avoid answering questions related to the recall of more than 2 million General Motors vehicles for faulty ignition switches. And though McKinnon does her best to make what amounts to one punchline last for three minutes, the results are lukewarm.

That is, until the final 30 seconds, at which point the skit takes a surprising and humorous turn. But is the lengthy buildup worth the reward?

Check out the sketch in the video above.