04/10/2014 08:50 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

11 Reasons Going To Coachella Makes You Kick Ass At Life


We know, we know. How can a festival that involves three days of nonstop partying actually be good for you? But hear us out before you start laughing. Surviving Coachella could actually equip you with a bunch of tools that will help you kick ass in the real world. Who says Coachella life has to stay in the desert?

1. You’re forced to be flexible and go with the flow.
Learning to be flexible in life does not come easily to everyone. At Coachella, you learn quickly that making too many plans is setting yourself up for failure. Lines at the food court or beer gardens can be longer than expected. The friend who ran off to quickly refill a water bottle can run into an ex or a long-lost friend. Getting to the front of the stage for a show is not always possible.

2. You experiment with self-expression.
Just like your freshman year in college, you can shed your current identity at the door (or festival gates) and let your true colors shine. You’re at a three-day festival in the desert and everyone around you is letting their freak flags fly. It’s a safe place to wear whatever you want, act however you want and be however you want -- no one is judging.

3. You stay hydrated.

Temperatures in the Coachella Valley in April average in the 90s (F) and some years they can peak even higher than that. One of the most important things a festival-goer can do over the weekend is drink enough water. Coachella is the perfect place to practice hitting the bottle. Hard.

4. You learn how to be independent.
There is a band you want to see but it conflicts with your friends’ schedules. You can decide not to go check out someone who you’re curious about and stick with the pack, or you can choose a meet-up time and venture off on your own. Some of our best Coachella experiences have actually been watching a band alone. Follow your heart and break off on your own.

5. You live in the present.

With limited service, Twitter constantly failing, iPhone batteries dying and a sensory-overload environment, you’re forced to stay more present than in everyday life. Your favorite drummer is killing it. A giant art installation just grew wings and started moving. You hear a new song that really touches you. Staying present at Coachella comes with the territory.

6. You also appreciate the past.
Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and Coachella is the mecca of artistic reunions. Everyone from Iggy and the Stooges to Rage Against The Machine and The Pixies have come together again in the name of the desert fest. This year’s most hyped act? The Outkast reunion.

7. You’re spontaneous.

Planning on catching the Haim set but interrupted by an impromptu dance party in the Do-lab? Coachella provides the perfect venue to act on your whims and explore your momentary desires. And guaranteed, you’ll never forget doing the Dougie under the desert sun while being sprayed in the face by a clown armed with a watergun.

8. You talk to strangers and make new friends.
Nothing says bonding like waiting in the dark for Radiohead to begin their closing set or learning how to breakdance at the back of the Gobi tent. Coachella provides an open space to talk to any stranger you encounter, and perhaps form lasting relationships in the process.

9. You experience art in all forms.
It isn’t just about the musical acts, amazing as they are. Coachella is also a haven for awe-inspiring art installations (that double as excellent meeting places) and full-body dance expressions that get even the shiest wallflowers shaking their booties.

10. You exercise.

Three straight days of walking, running, dancing and playing is a workout -- plain and simple. But with the right amount of water and rest in between, the festival can provide a fun and healthy atmosphere to push your body’s limits. Eat an extra churro, while you're at it.

11. You learn how to root for the underdog.
aloe blacc
One of the coolest perks of Coachella is discovering small bands that you’ve never heard of before. Experiencing new music live and in the flesh is wholly different than clicking around Spotify, and stumbling upon new talent in life can be inspiring.



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