04/09/2014 02:59 pm ET

Woman Claims Rats Ate Her House

An Australian woman whose ceiling collapsed on her blames rats, and she says the vermin are eating her house from the inside out.

Ann Barker said that her daughter had to pull her out from beneath the rubble after the bathroom ceiling at her Melbourne home came down on her Tuesday.

She told 3 AW that her new house, which she has only lived in for four months, has suffered serious damage due to an apparent infestation by rats.

“At this stage they’ve chewed through nine pipes, and I’ve got two more leaks,” Barker said. “There were holes under my veranda and holes on the corner of the roof where the guttering is. I’m waiting for someone to check the rest of the roof.”

She says that neither the home builder nor her insurance will help her. And it appears she's not the only person in the area to report problems with rats.

According to, a woman who lives in the suburb of Dandenong in southeast Melbourne, called into a radio show to complain that homes in her area have been plagued by rats.



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