04/10/2014 05:57 pm ET Updated Apr 10, 2014

19 Reasons Your Relationship Status Still Reads 'Single'

Jacqueline Veissid via Getty Images

Are you so perplexed by the sad, sorry state of your love life that following advice plucked from a trending Twitter hashtag seems like a pretty solid idea?

You're in luck, because on Thursday, the good people of Twitter took it upon themselves to enlighten you on why you're still sans-relationship using the hashtag #YouSingleBecause.

Most of the responses were as silly as you'd expect (it's a grammatically-challenged hashtag, not a TED talk), blaming everything from your decidedly unsexy music taste for the reason you're single:

...to your steadfast belief that pizza and Wi-Fi are totally worthy stand-ins for a relationship:

Some responses were more enlightening, though, like this under-140-character breakdown of how warped our dating expectations can be:

...or this tweet, which perfectly sums up why a lot of us choose to be single:

Well-put, right? For more takes on why so many of us can't land a relationship -- or would rather stay relationship-free -- check out the slideshow below, then head to the comments and tell us the reason you're currently single.


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