04/10/2014 05:42 pm ET Updated Apr 12, 2014

Rust Cohle Tells Kids Time Is A Flat Circle In 'True Detective' AT&T Commercial Spoof

What do you get when you mix those Beck Bennett AT&T commercials and Rust Cohle of "True Detective"? Some serious philosophical education.

Someone made a hilarious "True Detective" parody by replacing Bennett's character with Rust in a fake AT&T commercial. Rust asks a table of kids to say the biggest number they can think of, and when one says "Infinity" it sets Rust off on one of his deep life musings.

The kids have no clue that they're about to get an epic presentation on nihilism in what Rust describes as the "joke we call reality." Oh, classic Rust!

Note the replacement of Lone Star beer cans with Mott's apple juice. Who knew a box juice could be smashed into such a perfectly flat circle?

[h/t The FW]