04/11/2014 01:38 pm ET Updated Apr 11, 2014

Lolo Jones Ripped On Twitter After Making Fun Of Rihanna


By Joe Lucia, Awful Announcing

On Thursday night, Lolo Jones got a little snarky towards Rihanna when it was revealed that Drake would be hosting the ESPYs this year.

That’s a largely harmless, cute joke. Nothing wrong with it, and there’s plenty of truth behind it. Of course, being that this is the internet, her joke couldn’t just be laughed off. Deadspin compiled some of the most brutal tweets Jones got from angry Rihanna fans. Here’s a PG sampling of them.

Man. Imagine if Piers Morgan made a Rihanna joke – the Twitterverse would probably collapse upon itself. But hey, at least Lolo kept her name in the spotlight now that the Winter Olympics are over and people can’t whine about her earning a spot on the US bobsled team.