03/20/2013 10:52 pm ET Updated Mar 31, 2015

Passover Recipes Featuring All The Matzo, Charoset And Gefilte Fish You Need

We love to treat Passover as a sort of springtime Thanksgiving, with plenty of leftovers.

Passover is on its way, and if you've ever planned a seder before, you know there are tons of decisions to make. Every family celebrates Passover a little bit differently, but the common theme tends to be: far too much food for the average dining table to support.

We love to treat Passover as springtime Thanksgiving of sorts, including treats from the new season (rhubarb, spring onions, etc.) and plenty of leftovers to carry us through the next week.

Leavened bread is out of the running during Passover, which can make both breakfast and dessert unusually tricky.

We've pulled together some of our favorite recipes for the seder and days that follow. Are we breaking new ground, smashing tradition and starting all over again? Not entirely. These are just the kinds of things we love to eat -- some nostalgic, some traditional and some a little more modern.

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