04/13/2014 02:40 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2014

Fetch Yourself Some Nostalgia With This Clip Of Lindsay Lohan Hosting The MTV Movie Awards

Kevin Winter via Getty Images

As we await the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday April 13, let us reflect 10 years back, to Lindsay Lohan's glorious hosting job in 2004. It was June 5, just two months after the release of "Mean Girls," a.k.a. the greatest movie of our time (that somehow wasn't even nominated for The Golden Popcorn).

Wearing a very 2004 silk, white pantsuit, LiLo's fake parents (Rachel Dratch and Andy Richter) warned her that "dancing is for sluts," before she decided to launch into her flawlessly choreographed (and also very 2004) hip-hop dance routine anyway. Check out the clip below.