04/14/2014 12:37 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2014

How Tina Fey And Bryan Cranston Helped Jon Hamm Say Goodbye To 'Mad Men'


Everything has an end. For the cast of "Mad Men," the premiere of the final season last night marked the beginning of theirs.

While it's difficult for fans to say goodbye to one of the most iconic series on TV, leading man Jon Hamm -- who plays boozing, womanizing ad exec Don Draper -- isn't too choked up about letting go of his breakthrough role.

"I'm turning very Zen," Hamm told The Daily Beast, "You can't wish it away. You can't push it off indefinitely. You have to be like, 'Like the beginning, everything has an end.' You have to accept that."

One reason the actor is coping so well with saying goodbye might be thanks to the wise advice of fellow TV vets Tina Fey and Bryan Cranston. Both Fey and Cranston created beloved characters on TV and had to say goodbye to their long-running shows last year -- "30 Rock" and "Breaking Bad." So what advice did they have for Hamm?

"They're like, 'It sucks. It's hard,'" Hamm said, "And I was like, 'I know, I know.' And they're like, 'Yeah ... no you don't. But you're going to find out.'"

One thing we all want to find out is what's in store for Don Draper this season. After acknowledging his crumbling marriage, his damaged relationship with his children and his unemployment status at the end of Season 6, last's night's premiere saw even more changes for Draper, including a surprise visit from Neve Campbell of all people.

"I finally got a chance to see the premiere, and that scene was surprisingly effective to me," Hamm said. "I thought it was a beautiful, weird opening up for Don -- to have this conversation with a stranger."

Hamm also revealed his character will definitely be evolving this season.

"Don is in a particularly tricky spot now, and he's got a lot of lessons to learn," Hamm said, "I hope that we do see Don someplace else -- someplace new. In the sense of, like, I hope he finds peace and balance in his life."

Here's hoping.



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